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Diamonds are carbon which has been compressed and heated by the earth over millions of years. Ashes and hair contain carbon which we extract and use to make a genuine diamond in a laboratory, but instead of years, we can make one in weeks, this means we can make diamonds from partners, loved-ones or pets being cremated or buried.

Phoenix diamondsDon't be fooled by the many fakes. Our memorial diamonds are real, they posses all the exact same properties as mined diamonds. They are not synthetic, faux, CZ, Moissanite or anything like them, they can be certified by the UK Assay Office.

We only grow natural colours - light canary (not cognac) and a 'Free-range' light Blue.

Sizes available : 0.25, 0.33, 0.5, 0.75 and 1.00 carat upwards to 2 max'. We have a minimum order value - 3x 0.25, or 2x 0.33 or a single 0.5crt and upwards. The most popular are the 0.75crt and the 1.00 carat.

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