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The memory of your loved one lives on with you forever.

Phoenix Memorial Diamonds

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Real diamonds from ashes or hair

This website has a mine of information on a revolutionary method of memorialising your loved-one, pet or relative by converting their ashes ('Cremains) or hair into a REAL diamond.

Losing a loved-one is heartbreaking enough, whether they were a relative, a lover, partner, best friend or pet. Scattering their ashes is too much of a final closure, they may have spent many years with you on this earth and you may feel you never wish to ever forget them.

What better more fitting way could you remember them forever than with a real memorial diamond made from the last remnants of their existence – diamonds are forever they say. See our testimonials to find out what our customers said.

Phoenix Memorial Diamonds can be made from ashes or hair of humans or animals, whether being buried or cremated.

Recently we made the first diamond on the world made from an umbilical cord - The Jessica Diamond.

A small amount of ashes or hair is all that is needed to make a fabulous Canary or Blue diamond, this can be mounted in a ring or a pendant. More than one diamond and different sizes are available to suit your budget, or if you wish to have a keepsake for other family members and friends.

Don't be fooled by the many fake, faux diamonds or impostors. Phoenix Memorial Diamonds are genuine diamonds. They are not synthetic or cheap imitation but real diamonds only created in a laboratory. They possess the exact same characteristics of mined diamonds, they are cut and polished in exactly the same way as natural diamonds have been for centuries.

We don't make Vodka but we do make diamonds!

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But what's the connection?...

The short video on the left is very weird with bizarre coincidences.

OK we are not American – we are British, but one of our websites is called “Live-On”. We have a similar looking laboratory and use ashes to make memorial diamonds, we also supply the diamonds in little red pyramids...

See if you can spot the connections.

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